Best Screen Recorder Software For Windows Reviewed

A while ago, some colleague of mine badly wanted to take screen captures on her computer for various reasons and she did not even have the slight idea that there’s apps for that too. Sure, it’s sad! Yet there’s best screen recorder software for windows: (<<<===== Click to get a FREE license PLUS free download link for a full version of premium screen recorder) she could have used besides the native ones that other platforms may provide which are not user friendly enough to meet your expectations.

I have to admit that the incident kind of proved to me that there could be many in that boat who would have loved to record a couple of things like games, videos etc, but still have not figured out the easiest ways how,—In case you’re among the people who still have questions on how to go about it, and you have always wanted to record what’s happening on your computer, just relax as I will be listing down for you some third party apps that I actually challenged myself a while ago, tested them and so here I come up with a list of the top ten that I couldn’t afford not to share with you!

Whether you want to capture live video interviews, images, or games, experience with what we call A-class, you need apps with such incredible user interfaces, also, we believe it has never gotten any better in the tech world with screen casting. Okay, we are about to role in now, below is the list for the best screen recorder software for windows, feel free to note the ones that have blown your mind away. Let’s go!!

TalkHelper Screen Recorder

I was almost at the verge of skipping this one simply because it’s under construction, but at the back of my mind I was like, no, There’s no other like this app.

TalkHelper Screen Recorder is exceptional because of its features and what makes it super remarkable is that its free to install and the program allows you to record videos in different formats like AVI, MP4. For anyone who is searching for an app with a simple interface that can effortlessly take screen captures and record videos on your screen.

This should be the one to be added on your list so that you don’t start regretting that we never warned you. Honestly speaking, I would recommend always this tool, additionally, it has got a premium version, the one that will offer unlimited screen recording any time any day. When you get a chance to install it on your windows PC, Experiment and see what version works for you and decide for yourself.

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Ezvid for Windows

ezvid for windows

Ezvid is designed for windows, it is among those screen recorders we have always recognized and rely on more than the native ones. It is fast and easy to use weather you are a new user or an old user.

Believe it or not, I would recommend this tool any day, any time because from the time it was released, 8 years ago in  2011, the screen recorder app is by far another user friendly option compared to others. It’s been racked as one of the most downloaded tool to create millions and millions of videos we watch on YouTube channels.

As a matter of course, its full featured and super fun to use since it comes with free music, which you can use in the videos you get to record, if at all you don’t want plain videos but something more captivating. (well, like who wouldn’t want to have classic memories? I bet we all do).

And as you’re now well aware of its use, the best thing you can do is to install the app, and start recording, capture all the other activities on your screen, you can name it! If you need to keep your data for future use, its simple, all you do is to upload them on Facebook, YouTube or other websites you may prefer, the ball is in your hands.

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One of the easiest ways to make screencast videos on widows is by using this particular app, it’s incredibly fast to install, not like other apps that may take forever and it turns out frustrating, this is simple and most importantly free.

Screencast-O-Matic screen recorder allows you to capture your monitor as well as other multiple tabs. On top of that, you will be able to edit the videos you take and I mean any kind of video, it can even be games on your screen, play around them as much as you want, like adding captions in there, images and so much more, how cool is that?

The app basically has all you may be in need of to edit your recordings. All you need to do is download the screen recorder, follow the prompts and you will be good to go, In addition, to avoid endless ads, you may need to upgrade to premium and enjoy a smoother ride even.

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Debut Video Capture

Of course, it’s among those with great user interfaces, Debut Video Capture is a screen capture software that can record your whole screen, or whatever you may need it to.

The app is available for windows, you will definitely find most of the things you want in a screen recorder in this app. recording videos in all sorts of formats like mp4, wmv etc is one thing, but also, you will be able to make your clips beautiful by changing video effects as opposed to having one boring colour!

The app allows you to record videos with just audio, and you can as well have a recorded video without sounds at all. It has never really been fun to create memories by taking photo screenshots of recorded videos with this app. Do much more with Debut, use it for your conferences, and make a trade mark on your videos by editing them with cool captions and so much more! Otherwise, you can download the app today and try it since it’s free.

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ShareX (Open source screen recorder)

ShareX screen recorder was developed to help the user to screen capture the entire screen or single window capture. The app will record videos of which you will be in position to share on its supported platforms.

Wait, Pardon me! I meant to mention first that it’s free to install, has got one of the manageable interfaces and trust me, it will become your boredom spice, every time you want to make a recording, you will think about this one. To get it, is simple; go to its official website and have it installed on your PC. Make screen recording easier!


BB FlashBack Express

How about this one that will give you a 30 day trial to capture your computer activities, upload videos on YouTube still on a zero cost. The app is important because it allows users to screen record their desktops without any pain.

Briefly, it’s an app for screen recording, I found myself loving this app when I tried using it, however the only challenge was that I couldn’t edit my videos to the standards I wanted to with the trail version, until I upgraded to the professional version.

The experience is a bit different of course when you use the professional one, for example, you can add texts, effects to your videos and also export them to AVI file if need be which is not the case with its demo.

Tell you what, I think you will like it too because it has got a solid editor, it’s one of the kind that will let you delete out the parts you don’t need of your video plus you can add some cool music to them just to make it more interesting. FlashBack can be downloaded for windows.

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OBS Studio for Windows

Open Broadcaster Software is free and an easy to use application which can be used for video streaming and recording other things on computer. You will automatically like this one because it’s full featured as well and won’t strain you to install.

It’s favourable for people with windows, Linux and Mac. OBS allows users to capture whatever they may need on the computer. Now, before i even go deep, Try this simple tool now by installing it on your PC, and just be keen on which downscale you go for as Lanzos will offer you the best of quality for recording video, also if you wonder about the other options, well, those are best for live streaming.

So sit and have a think about which one you go for. I would say my experience was quite amazing with this software and i bet you will have a great time too using it.

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SmartPixel for Windows

So, if you are the kind that likes to edit your recorded videos and just searching for the software that has those features, try this. Smartpixel is a video recording software many have fallen in love with because of the way it operates once you configure it on your computer, it has got the most accessible recording tools which are simple to read and manage. However, we found out that as much as it allows you to have recordings taken, it don’t let its users to modify the audio that’s been recorded, not even to zoom/pan.

Additionally, this software also, has got not so good resolution quality for the videos you make as compared to others. But that’s not to worry about a lot since you can solve the problem by getting one with the features you need.

Anyhow, To have it on your computer, Begin with a simple download, after you launch the app, you are lucky to have more than just one options to pick from: 1,Recorder  2,Editor,  3,Webcam. With the first one, which is Recorder, you will be able to find simple options to take a screen capture of your recording on your PC, for example you will see a red button which is the one that indicates you to start recording the moment you click on it, then when you finish you use the grey square one to put a stop on your ongoing recording.

The other two options are self-explanatory just like the ones you would find in the usual recording devices, pretty sure, you won’t find any difficulties. It’s simple, isn’t it? Again, you are in full control to take screenshots of the videos you record, create photos out of them and keep memories. Not only that, but you can still crop out footages you don’t need and add some music to make the video worthy.

If you really need an app with solid tools, use smartpixel skype recorder for your video captures because we believe it can be used by anyone, despite what it lacks.

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Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder

Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder is a pro and effortlessly easy to use software for both screen recording and audio activities simultaneously on your computer. Much as it records screen, it also allows users to save videos taken with MP4 format. Should you want to convert them in other formats without losing its original quality, then you can always use these other formats to convert them i.e WMV, AVI etc.

Personally, the one feature I really like about Apowersoft is the fact that it can let you record in multiple modes like; recording full video screen, and this means covering everything on the computer, it’s also possible to just go away with single/any window on the screen instead of the entire PC, and Of course, if you want to track around your mouse and record, consider it done too. I was impressed by these modes and certainly these are some of the little things that users look out for in what they may call full featured screen recording apps.

Some of you will think maybe it’s not possible to add webcam video into screencast in order to get the Video In Video effect (I was one of those people) But it’s very achievable and you will even share them with other people directly if that’s what makes you happier.

On the other hand, as you already know what this tool does, allow me mention to you that it also has inbuilt editor for editing videos—you can add effects, crop, remove water marks and more. Now, Get ready to have a fun experience with this recorder on your windows PC.

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TinyTake Screen Recorder


Looking for a handy tool that is available for free and can take screen captures, as well as record videos? This is it, TinyTake is a well-known software for Windows and Mac that will automatically upload your photos onto your Mangoapp domain. I appreciate how feature rich this app is, of it allows you to take screen captures of videos, images and other tasks on your PC and share them with friends. There are lots of things you will find useful in this app and I won’t even waste time around but to go straight to the point.

i, Work out your plan: First by knowing the right app you need for screencasting, once you figure that out and you’re certain its TinyTake, Then install the software from the official website. When that’s done, you will have the access to start your video recording using webcam which will not exceed 120 minutes tops.

ii, Secondly, you will find out that there are various ways of taking captures after setting it up, you can either capture your full screen or just an image on your computer, play more around it by zooming in and out, and you should be able to save your videos with those you want, better still share a link of the screenshots taken.  Don’t you feel like this is now the most interesting part; meaning you will always have access to your memories every time you want to watch them.

You have no idea how stress free this app is, but if you wanna find out, and you have been seriously searching for a convenient tool, you are in luck. You will have no choice but to try it out yourself, who knows! Could be the best choice for gathering your videos pretty soon.

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I hope you have discovered some of the best screen recorder software for windows, and what they are capable of doing once you install them on your computer. And of course, if you’re not comfortable with the ads that some softwares come with, just upgrade, you will always have unlimited screen casting—you have the map now with my list of ten!!